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Podium Information

Our wing style podiums are made from 1/2" high quality acrylic.
We offer a variety of acrylic color, wood color, and artwork options.
Wing style podiums are 48" tall (unless otherwise requested).
There is one top size option:
24" x 54"
Wing style podiums do not come with a center shelf.
Two selves are included in the wings.
If you have any questions concerning products or pricing,
please contact us at 1-616-914-6970

Base Podium Pricing (Top Width and Acrylic Color)

Wing Style 54" Acrylic Podium
Base Price
Clear Acrylic
Glass Color Acrylic
Blue Acrylic
Red Acrylic
Purple Acrylic
Smoked Acrylic

Additional Podium Options

Wood Color Options

Etching using our clip art: $799.00
Etching using your logo: $1218.00
Color vinyl artwork: $1808.00
Wood top: $225.00

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To place an order or for more information,
please call us at 1-616-914-6970

, 889 76th Street SW, Unit 19, Byron Center, MI, 49315 USA 1-616-914-6970

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